Who is "Frau Kettner"?

Frau Kettner is our real-life friend, and the inspiration behind all of our products. This spirited lady loves nothing more than getting out in her local community to chat with friends and neighbours. To aid her walking she always has her trusty Zimmer frame with her. For her evening walks, she taped a torch to the walking frame. “So I can see where I’m going,” she tells people cheerfully. Such a simple solution to a problem.

She believes that her physical impairments only limit her until she finds a practical way to overcome them. And she always finds a way to overcome them!

We love Frau Kettner’s resourcefulness. Her attitude has inspired us to develop practical products to help overcome some of the daily obstacles faced by anyone with a physical impairment.

We’ve borrowed her name for our company, not only as a tribute to her but also as a challenge to us to create products that really help people.

Who is behind "Frau Kettner"?

Marie Ruddeck and Marcel Dittrich have the same goal: They want to build a company that enables all people to lead an independent and self-determined life. Developing the right products will solve problems that are not given enough attention. What has brought us this way and where we want to go, you can read in the timeline!


Further products

In parallel to the daily happenings, we are already developing the next products! There are many problems that need to be solved. As soon as we are ready, we will announce some details!


Structure of sales

In order to build up a sales force, we visit the whole of Germany and represent our products at all major nursing and medical fairs.

Application for Intellectual Property Rights (June 2018)

The plate is now registered as a Community Design under the file number 005289287-0001.


Product Development (Spring 2018)

In cooperation with rehabilitation clinics, nursing homes and occupational therapy centers we develop, test and improve further versions of our first prototypes.