Eat independently – with just one hand!


The various areas of plate make it possible to cut meals into bite-sized pieces.


The high edge makes it possible to arrange and pick up small vegetables and other pieces.


Through the cylinders bread slices and bread rolls can be fixed properly for spreading and slicing.


With the help of the gradient, the liquids flow to the high edge, where they are collected and can be picked up.


The plate is a daily help that allows affected people to enjoy each meal independently. The plate can be used with one hand for right- and left-handers. With the help of the cylinders on the plate surface, whole meals, bread rolls and slices of bread can be fixed and cut. The high edge makes it possible to postpone even small vegetables. Liquids can be collected through the sauce slope on one side of the plate and easily absorbed. The special construction of the bottom plate ensures the stackability of the plates, as well as a non-slip stand on each surface.


The plate has a diameter of 255 mm and a maximum height of 31.5 mm. The weight of the plate is 730 g.

The plate of Frau Kettner is made of a melamine plastic. Melamine plastic has many assets, i.a. the following:
– Break-proof
– scratch resistant
– Dishwasher safe
– Durable.

The material is food safe, tested according to Directive 2002/72 / EC as well as according to the regulations EC 1935/2004, 10/2011, 1282/2011, 284/2011, 2018/213 of the European Commission. These contain special provisions for plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food.


Not only the well-being of the people is important to us, but also to the earth. That is why we pack and ship our products exclusively in recycled and environmentally friendly boxes, which are also easy to open with one hand.