Simply eat with one hand

The Onehandplate helps you cut and eat every meal of the day with just one hand.

Finally eat independently again!

The Onehandplate gives you the opportunity to eat independently and without outside help and to feel confident and motivated every day.

Easy cutting & spreading

The cylinder peg arrangement allows the different parts of a meal to be clamped and held in place while cutting with a knife.

High edge and sauce slope

Smaller pieces can be pushed and picked up on the high edge with a fork. Liquids collect in the sauce slope so that they can be more easily absorbed and do not hinder cutting.

Non-slip, stackable & dishwasher safe

Due to the silicone ring on the bottom and the weight of the plate of 730 g, the Onehandplate stands firmly on every table. The specially shaped bottom also enables easy stacking.

Breakproof and scratchproof material

The Onehandplate is made of melamine, a food-safe plastic compound that is hardly breakable and scratch-proof, BPA-free and dishwasher-safe. We chose this material specifically because it is important that the plate is durable and of high quality. The material meets all hygiene requirements in hospitals and rehabilitation facilities.

Available by prescription

In Germany we have already been given an aid number ( You can have your doctor prescribe the one-handed plate and submit the prescription to your medical center, which will then take over the order.

100% Made in Germany

The Onehandplate is manufactured entirely in Germany in compliance with the strictest medical and labor law standards.

Packaged in a sustainable and one-handed manner

The packaging consists of recycled cardboard. It is designed so that there is no excess material. The packaging can be opened easily with one hand. With each Onehandplate, you will receive detailed instructions with usage and care instructions.

What our customers say

Your plate has become an important everyday commodity at our home.

Gudrun Hasselmann

You have created an amazing product and improved life for many people.

Andreas Gartung (

Pleasing? More than that! Finally I can cut everything myself and don‘t need the help of others. That makes a huge difference for me... I feel able again!

Berthold Knabe

A great support to me, a mother with two children, worth its weight in gold!

Sara Kalleder

And I thought I‘d go hungry for the next 4 weeks, thanks to the Onehandplate I don‘t have to restrict myself at all.

Fabian Frieß
The Onehandplate
Cutting and spreading with one hand